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    Gearbox Testing - SBC-90 - Spiral Bevels Tests.

    11 November 2021

    Spiral Bevel Gearbox SBC-90 under test on Ondrives new test rig able to test input torques upto 65Nm and output torques of 200Nm upto 1000rpm.

    Running our oil filled spiral bevel gearbox we were able to achive efficencies of 97% in the assembly including the input and output couplings with small loses of alignments.

    Examples of our test runs are shown. We are using our rig to develop new gearboxes like our SBC ranges and also develop existing designs.

    Gearbox Test Rig SBC-90 Spiral Bevel Under Test Gearbox Test Rig SBC-90 Close up Spiral Bevel Gearbox Test Rig Screen Shot of Results

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