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Ondrives Precision Gears and Gearboxes UK Manufacture and Factory.

Ondrives are manufacturers of precision gears and gearboxes, based in the UK.
We have machines that also produce shoulder screws and special designs for customers.
If you want something different to what you see we can quote on request to drawing or details.
Spur Gears - Helical Gears - Spiral Bevels - Gearboxes - Gear Reducers - Shoulder Screws.

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Gearbox Technical Changes -13 January 2022
Ondrives has been on a quest of step by step improvements to existing worm wheel bevel and helical gear drive units. All of which make and improve on our base designs to give improvements over and above our competitors.
All our gearboxes we produce at Ondrives Ltd in the UK to identify them as original produced and design by us, are laser etched.
Ondrives Precision Gears and Gearboxes, we have been producing larger more accurate gearing as well as been able to measure large internal external gear splines for our customers when needed.
Spiral Bevel Gearbox SBC-90 under test at Ondrives.