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    SBC CR Series 18mm dia. - T2n 20-100Nm

    CR Series -•Single Input Shaft • Double Output Shafts Counter-Rotating.

    Spiral Bevel Cube - Ground Spiral Bevel Teeth.
    High Load - Taper roller bearing design in high strength aluminium housing.
    Lubrication -Fully synthetic oil.
    Spiral Bevel Gears and Pinions manufactured by Grinding optomised tooth profiles and designs into solid steel.
    Then after heatreatment the bevel is then finish ground to give accuracy and performances based on the Gleason GEMS and Ondrives design.
    Gives optomised TCA, Ease-Off and finsihed off with FEA analysis.
    The SBC (Right Angle Inline Low Ratios) Spiral Bevels right angle inline ratios 1:1 to 5:1.
    The HYSB (Small Offset Medium Ratios) Hypoid bevel gear versions have small offsets and ratios 3:1 to 15:1.
    The HRHC (High Ratio High Offset) SRH HRH Hypoid gears have large offsets and high ratios 10:1 to 60:1.

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    Spiral Bevel Cube Gearbox from Ondrives UK precision gear and gearbox manufacturer


    •1:1 Spiral Bevel Cube Gearbox •Single Input Shaft • Double Output Shafts Counter-Rotating • ≤10' backlash • IP64

    SBC CR Series 18mm dia. - T2n 20-100Nm

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